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7 Most Important Rules For Investing

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We often get the question: "What should I look at when investing?"

That's why we have worked out a ruleset for you

✅ First of all: only invest in assets and instruments you understand.
In other words: If you don‘t understand them, learn to understand them first!

✅ Choose a strategy and create a ruleset. Follow your rules - no matter what!

✅ Take only investments with a good risk/reward ratio. Potential rewards must be at least 2 times higher than the risk.
Apply the "Squirrel Technique" and diversify.
Squirrels position their food in different places. If one or two places get robbed or burn down, they still have food.
Means: try to invest in as many asset classes as possible…

✅ Never put all your eggs in one basket. Invest your money wisely and choose the amount of money per investment accordingly to the risk you take and to your portfolio size.

✅ Focus on an approach that‘s long-term oriented. The best performing portfolios are those from people who still have died… 😜

✅ Stick to your rules and keep emotions out!

✅ Take responsibility for your money on your own and never let others invest your money for you!!!